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Years ago we started working in the IT world developing applications and web systems. Along that way, we supported  companies in the integration of advanced technology.

Through the use of engineering methodology in the whole software life cycle, we managed to fulfill the deadlines,  the scopes and costs of the projects we’ve faced.

The key to obtain quality results was to place ourselves in our clients processes and in the design of interfaces of the user and usability (UX).

The apps and systems we design are thought for all kinds of platforms, they adjust to every client’s needs and their technological ecosystem, and allow them to optimize time, development costs and maximize the return on the investment (ROI).

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Currently, we specialize in Outsourcing and Staffing of Angular and .NET software development.

As experts on these engineering services, some years ago we decided to focus on sales processes, billing and collections for Real Estate.

Besides, in 2020 we incorporated Blockchain development and confirmed our participation in the technological revolution of the decentralized applications. We excelled in Solidity for the Ethereum net and in Binance Smart Chain.

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We keep up with the transformations of the 4.0 industry. We train and surpass ourselves, and we pursue challenging goals.

Therefore, we’re on our way to becoming Microsoft Partners providing Cloud services in Azure, to guide and accompany processes of digital transformation.

At the same time, we want to help you increase the quality of your development processes through workflows of efficient CI/CD.

We visualize a future with a clear goal: give our best to perfect our services and boost your #ExperienceNovit.

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